About Me


My goal is to be the change (and move on from the complainer crowd) with a transition into UX.

I believe that the less healthcare providers fight with technology on a daily basis, the more their patients and clients benefit from focused care and improved clinical outcomes.


My interest in UX research and design was sparked by my experience with multiple electronic medical/health record and billing systems required to do my job as a director of rehabilitation and speech-language pathologist. I quickly identified areas of opportunity to improve both user productivity and satisfaction.

For the most part, I felt helpless in implementing changes as an administrator and clinician, until I discovered UX.

My professional experience includes various positions as director of rehabilitation in skilled nursing facilities (SNF), home health, and a continuum of care retirement community (CCRC).

I earned my master’s degree at Northwestern University‘s top-ranked program in speech-language pathology. I’ve earned and maintain my Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

I’m a certificate-holder of the Compton P-ESL accent modification method.  My undergraduate degree in anthropology, with a focus in linguistics, reflects my interest in language, culture, and diversity.

I’ve practiced as an Illinois and California speech-language pathologist in SNF, home health, and outpatient, providing evaluation and treatment for adults and the geriatric population with acquired speech, language, cognitive, and swallowing disorders.